Some interesting stuff popped up on this boingboing post covering the 2007 Coachella festival. Björk is out and about playing material off her new LP Volta, and as usual, she right up to date on what the cool kids are into, and a lot of it is about multi-touch interfaces. Some of her band playing with the sexy and expensive Lemur (maybe to control Ableton Live?). And to top it off they’re using the totally sweet reactable as part of the show (the reactable is visible on the LH side). Our local pal Ross Bencina had a part in the reactable’s development, so I guess Ross can now slip Björk into the CV there someplace. Also, the low slung drum setup got my eye as well. I sure hope we get to see this show up here at the top of the world sometime soon. I guess the tour blog will have to do until then!